Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to write a love letter

Writing is skill you can impress any person with your writing skills. if you wanna a write a love letter then you are on the correct path.  Here in this blog we provide huge material for Love Birds. 

Writing a love letter is not as simple and professional like any other letter for communication. It has to be love filling, lucid and interesting. It has to be written directly from the soul or you can say from the bottom of the heart. The feelings have to be natural and there has to be a natural outflow for the same.

How to Start or Began Wetting Love Letter

The beginning and the end should not just be interesting but the letter should be made interesting from the top to the end so as to keep the interest of the reader live till the end of it. The content should not just have fantasy but also a strong factual base to it. Anything when built on the foundation of truth and trust is long lasting and highly reliable. It generally becomes fool proof.

Language is Important for Love Letter 

Good language is important but more important is the clarity of the idea.

The impression you wish to create in the mind of the person should be appropriate and you should mean what you intend write. For the feelings, again, words will never suffice but to arrange them in the most appropriate manner will help you be close enough to what you mean to say.

Love Letter Rhymes and quotes

Rhymes and quotes can be added because they at times speak better than words. Love poems may be wonderful. Anything out of the blue can work perfectly fine. All what is required is true heart and good intentions, then writing will not be a tough task.

Any fantasy can be added as a remix with the facts as it adds spice to the letter but intentions should be true. Even little sweet memories can be expanded so as to glorify the effect of the mail and the content of the letter too.

Love letters should be full of love and anything when told with great feelings and courtesy is always liked and appreciated. Harsh language and rough words are the two worst enemies of love and hence forth they should be kept at arms length.

Your Love feelings are important

Your feelings are important to you and they are important to the person you are writing to. So utmost care has to be taken that their feelings of your beloved are not hurt at any point in time. Try to keep your love and spirit always high up in the air. Staying in a pink mood at the time of writing a love letter indeed makes considerable difference in the way one reveals the intention.

Frankness in the love letter 

Frankness in the love letter depends on your relationship with the partner involved. If both of you are frank enough then you may use intimate words, but if you are proposing to someone who is not so much involved with you, then keeping the words restricted will help a little. Understanding the nature of the person you have a liking for will help a lot in analyzing what has to be included in the letter and what not.

If you are already in relationship and are committed then you can easily reveal all your intimate feelings to your beloved. Understanding between both of you is very important to take any relationship to the next step.

If your beloved too feels the same for you, then no body on this earth can be more lucky than you. Let her know how lucky you feel. Tell her how you feel in her absence. Also specify your state and agony without her.

You can also share all your dreams together, your future plans and everything about your life ahead. If your beloved is annoyed, try to convince her. Remind her of the good times you had together and just for a silly and simple reason you cannot end everything. If you feel it was your mistake, speak it out. There is no harm in saying sorry. After all there is no ego in love. Life is meant for love.

If you feel it was her mistake, try to co-operate. If you can forgive, try to do so. That will be better for both of you. As time passes, even she will co-operate. In tough times, at least one of you should sacrifice and indeed there is no harm doing so.

On the whole what ever you have to discuss, do make it a point to end it on a positive note. That helps getting the reply from your beloved. A harsh statement at the end may turn things upside down.

Hope this will help you in composing a lyrical love letter!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck