Tuesday, December 13, 2011

love letter samples

My Dear Love,

I love you, and I am very serious not at all joking, I love you so much and actually mean it. Your presence has brought essence in my life my life is now beautiful. Let the bottled feeling usher out today and let me reveal how I feel for you. My Love you are a Pretty woman, you are my life, my love, my sweet heart. Now a days many People says, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I see the world with your eyes today and every thing seems so delightful and pretty all around.

And even though I am a chap, I have started loving to dress for you. There is someone in my life for whom, I love to live. Someone, for whom even I love to dream for. You are the wonderful valentine of my life, whom I love to spend hours searching for the most wonderful gift on earth.

My Love, you are not only a girl who can attract anybody by your grace and charm, but you have that smartness which holds me back. You are the girl I have been searching for years together and I feel my quest has ended now. 

We will have wonderful time together. We will wade on the sands and swim in the ocean and stare at the wonderful stars above. Every beauty in this world now infatuates me and I have been a person who has started loving nature even more than ever.

I wish you would always be in front of me day in and day out and I would just keep staring at you, with all my heart and love you with all my might. I understand the meaning of the song, love is in the air. I feel the same for you. I know you love me even more. I beg to god to bless our love.

Looking forward to a wonderful life with you.


Your Lover