Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here is the Sample Love Letter for someone who want to Write a Love Letter or Someone who want to copy from Sample Love Letter.  We give all Sample Love Letter Free of Cost. Because we know the importance of Sample Love Letters

My Love 

Where are you? I can't help but wonder are you lost and lonely? 

Does sorrow cloud your heart? Do you miss me? 
I thought I saw you the other day but it was only my mind playing tricks or maybe just my heart trying to recall. 

I often wonder if you long for me as I do you, is that even possible? 
Oh, I hope so. I can remember the way your hair shone in the sunlight and when the breeze would blow through it, how you scent seemed to linger in the air like vanilla. 

Are you in love with another? Does your face torture his as it does mine? Cruel seductress , devil in disguise as an angel. Oh how you torment me and how I love you for it. 

Oh Love where are you? Do you need me? If I do not see you soon I will know you are gone. I will wish you luck and go on my way. Praying still that you need me too. Forever my love.