Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Letters for Love of a Lifetime

Is it necessary to write a Love Letter for a love of a lifetime......Yes it is you can write letter any stage of your life or age. it helps to increase your love faith and relief.

Here is the Sample Love Letter

Dear My Love,

Lover you held me close, you touched my skin, you brought more joy than you'll ever know. My soul was breach on a daily basis by your love. The sound of your voice made my heart swing on the stars. Your eyes were truly the window to my souls contentment, evolving every way possible. 

The life I had with you was golden and no man can ever take away the love you and I shared. Giving is a selfless act, one that doesn't happen often, but you made it a thing of beauty as well as a regularity. 

Envisioning our love like a cornicopia of scents and tastes, from hot sauce to alfredo and rose's to gladiola's. A sensous kiss to a passing glance, the mood was always perfect because you made me feel loved. You made me feel laughter in a way that only babies can feel pure. Thank you for your smell, "sweet peas". 

Thank you for my favorite spot, " behind your left ear". And most importantly, thank you for "the box", the "lemon tree", Big Mouth's pizza, and sleeping in the sun. Those were the happiest times of my life because of you.

Your and only yours

Lover Name